10 Tips on How To Take Care of Colored Hair

Are you just colored your hair, and want to know about the precautions do you need to take? There are a lot of things that damage the colour of your hair. So, you need a little extra attention to maintain and protect your color-treated hair. Now the question is how to take care of coloured hair?

This article contains few tips that can help you take care of your coloured hair. You need proper and extra care to keep your color-treated hair looking shiny and hydrated. We all know that excessive colouring causes the hair to lose its natural shine, making it dull and dry.

Below we have listed easy and simple color-treated hair care tips so you can take care of coloured hair at home.

Coloured Hair Care Tips

1. Do not Wash Hair Immediately After Fresh Colour

Are you just come out of salon after coloring hair with your favorite color? If yes, wait at least 72 hours to shampoo your hair after coloring. Before this time period, if you wash your hair, the color will also wash off easily and your product and money will be waste. Hair coloring is a chemical processing that change the color of hair. During this process chemical leaves the hair cuticles open and it takes minimum three days for hair cuticles to close up entirely.  If you wash freshly colored hair, it can drain the colour from the open cuticles.

Even hair colour pack has instructions related to hair wash after the hair colour. You need to follow the instructions given on the hair colour pack to last longer.

2. Color Protectant Shampoo is best for Color-Treated Hair

Ask your hair expert which shampoo is best to maintain hair colour. Never use regular shampoo because these have harsh ingredients such as sulfates and alcohols which reduce moisture and result to colour fading. Be sure to use a specially formulated, color-protecting shampoo, as this will help your color last longer and also restore and repair your processed hair.

3. Shampoo Your Colored Hair Less Frequently

Make sure that there is an adequate gap between your two hair washes, because every wash lose a little bit of colour. Wash your color-treated hair just two or three times a week. This helps to retain natural oils that condition your color-treated hair. Frequent washing fade the color and make your hair dry and dull.

4. Conditioning is Must for Dying Hair

When you dye your hair, they go through a chemical process. Hair color might make your hair rough and dry; hence you need to take care of hair when you dye it. Conditioner is the after wash hair product that helps in sealing the cuticles and locking in moisture. It adds shine and volume to your hair, but ensures that you need color-safe conditioner to take care of colored and highlighted hair.

5. Keep Away from High Temperatures

-It is advisable to opt for cool or lukewarm water to wash your hair as hot water can damage and fade color-treated hair.

-You might have to stop heat styling hair tools such as hair straighteners, curling irons, and blowdryers. As excessive heat opens up the cuticle and the color comes out easily. Use a thermal protectant hair serum or spray whenever you have to style your hair.

-If you still need to use your styling tools, use at lower temperatures along with a good heat protectant spray to minimize the damage.

6. Restore Hair Color by Mixing Dye with your Conditioner

As we discussed above, hair conditioner is must for coloured hair. After each wash when you condition your hair, add a little bit of dye to your conditioner. You may also add a few drops of your dye into your whole bottle of conditioner. Shake the bottle to mix it well with the conditioner. This trick will absolutely work to restore your hair color that is faded and wash away from shampooing. But be carefull that no one in your house uses it.

7. On the In-Between Days use Dry Shampoo

If you want to refresh your hair without hair wash, use a color-safe dry shampoo. Spray of dry shampoo at the roots, removes extra oil and dirt from your hair and your hair color will also remain safe.

8. Cover your Hair to Protect from UV Rays.

Whenever you step outside it is better to cover your color treated hair with a hat or scarf, especially if it is a very hot and sunny day. If you don’t like to cover your hair with scarf, UV protection spray can be an alternative.

9. Cover your Hair When Go for Long Showers

– During in between days when you don’t shampoo, keep your hair dry in the shower. While showering cover your hair with shower cap as it keeps your color-treated hair dry.

– While going into a pool cover your hair with a swim cap. Your colored hair may get fade when they came in contact with water for a long time.

– During the rainy seasons protect your color treated hair with anti-humidity serums.

10. Regular Trim Gives Healthy Look to Your Hair

Trim gives a fresh and healthy look to your colored hair. After a period of time, ends become dry and fade, faster than the rest of your hair. So, go for a trim to cutting off those dead ends every 6-8 weeks so your color looks fresh and healthy from root to tip.

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