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10 Tips on How to Look Pretty in Glasses

Wearing glasses becomes very important for many of us. There are many reasons for this, such as loss of vision, protection from pollution and constantly working on the computer etc. Glasses act as a protective shield to protect the eyes. On the other hand, some people also wear glasses to look attractive. It is not necessary that the same glasses look good on every face. Due to the different shape, size and color of each face, there are glasses of every design in the market. So many of us have a question how to look pretty in glasses!

Your glasses allow you to see the world clearly – so now allow yourself to wear glasses confidently and fashionably. Here we have 10 tips on how to look pretty in glasses!

1. Keep your Eyebrows well-shaped

Your eyes and eyebrow area should be neat and well-shaped because they will be highlighted by your glasses. One of the biggest tips is, keep your eyebrows clean and well groomed. Give your eyebrows a full look with an eyebrow pencil or brow powder. This trick helps to look your eyes beautiful and attractive even in glasses.


Glasses can give an attractive look to your face, if your facial skin is very clean, with no dark circles, wrinkles, and dark spots. Unfortunately, if you have all these problems, foundation and concealer in your makeup kit can be your helper. Dark circles under your eyes, may make your eyes appear dark or tired. Hence, it is suggested to go for an appropriate foundation according to your skin ton and concealer for dark circles and wrinkles.


If you are blessed with a long, beautiful eyelashes, but annoying because these hitting against your glasses with every blink. To overcome this from happening, you must curl your eyelashes. This has the additional effect on your face that you look clear, alert, confident and thoughtful. But be careful, too much squeeze can curl your lashes too intensely.


To highlight your eyes with glasses, use an eye shadow color opposite to that of your frame. Instead of Black Eyeliner, you may go for sparkly navy or a deep burgundy liner. These eyeliners also look very pretty with glasses.  Make sure you just line the rim of your eyes and do not end up creating a smokey effect.

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Don’t forget to apply blush this will help your face glow. Apply blush to your cheeks and this will help your face glow. Blushed cheeks surely bring in a lot of difference to your looks. This trick will perfectly balance your look with glasses!


Even after wearing glasses, you want to focus attention on rest of your face, then bold lip color is a great way to balance out your overall facial look. You can go for a bold lip colour like a deep red or a hot pink with brown or a black frame. Rosy pink looks very pretty with coloured frame. Your lip color depends on the frame as well as requirements of your outfit and the day. Even if you’re not much of a lipstick wearer, a simple nude gloss will do.


If you wear glasses and have a question in mind how to look attractive with glasses then hairstyle can give you glamorous look. So with the help of some different hairstyles, you can make your look stylish.

  • For a simple yet attractive hairstyle, you can make a ponytail hairstyle. You can easily carry this hairstyle from casuals to party and office too.
  • If you are a young girl and want to create a cute look by experimenting with your hairstyle, then you will definitely love the two bun look hairstyle.
  • If you wear glasses and your face is thin, then you should make a side bun hairstyle once. Your face does not look too thin after making this hairstyle.
  • If you want a simple look, then you can keep open hair. You put some beautiful hairpins on one side. It will enhance your look.


Earrings are a very common and popular accessory among girls. Choice of right earrings is very important. Long earrings do not look good on girls who wear glasses. Wear earrings according to the outfit and shape of the glasses. Let us tell you that if you want to wear a sari or suit then jhumke (earrings) look great with glasses. In today’s modern times, short earrings look good with jeans tops.


Choosing glasses according to your daily outfit can be really tricky. But for glasses wearers, their outfits matter. Coordinating them with everyday outfits can be challenging, but we’ve some simple tips to choose right eyewear that look great with your outfit.

Look for glasses that complement the colours you normally wear. If you basically wear one colour tone, like white, black or blue, go for more colourful frames. This will add personality to your outfit and give you an attractive look even with glasses. Go with darker frames, if you love wearing bright colours.


Finding that balance between wearing your glasses comfortably and looking fashionable and confident is a bit difficult for most wearers of glasses. To overcome from this problem and look good with glasses, buy the most suitable glasses and follow above given tips. This is truth that, all professors, doctors do not have eye problems but they wear glasses to stay trendy and look confident.

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