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5 Steps to make eyebrows look thicker with Makeup

Eyebrows are crucial to your overall makeup look; they really do frame the face. The trend of make eyebrows look thicker has increased for some time now. Makeup is a great option to create the brows you want. If your eyebrows are very light or thin, you can make them appear thick, dense and raised with makeup. It is a great way to fake a bold brow. But important thing is making sure you fill in a brow to make it look as natural as possible. Here we’ve put together the perfect 5 Steps to make eyebrows look thicker with Makeup.

Steps to Get Make eyebrows Look thicker

Creating visibly fuller eyebrows requires a bit of practice. Follow these five steps to do eyebrow makeup, with the help of which you can get perfect eyebrows.

Step 1 – Comb your brows with a spoolie

Comb your brows with a spoolie
Image Credits: Shiny Diamond/Pexels

Using a clean spoolie brush that often comes with your eyebrow product, brush your brows towards your hairline in an upwards direction in the shape of their natural growth. Doing this will give you a expose gaps that need to be filled.

Step 2 – Create an Outline to Find your eyebrow shape

Create an Outline to Find your eyebrow shape
Image Credits: Antoni SHKRABA/Pexels

Hold the pencil against your nostril, and make marks for where your brow should start.  Looking straight ahead, make sure that eyebrow’s arch should be at the highest. Lastly, tilt the brush and joins the outer corner of your eye in a straight line, this is the tail end of your brow. Repeat the process on the other eye to get eyebrow shapes for thicker eyebrow makeup.

Step 3 – Fill in your brows with eyebrow makeup

Fill in your brows with eyebrow makeup
Image Credits: M Beauty Studio

Once you have shaped your eyebrows, there is a time to apply eyebrow makeup to get brows thicker. Making use of an eyebrow pencil or brow pomade, trace the lower side of your brow. First join the start point to the arch point in one straight line, now trace the arch to the tail end. To create the illusion of naturally fuller eyebrows use short, hair like strokes to fill in your brows while focusing more on the middle and tail end of your eyebrows.

Step 4 –Again Brush through and set your brows

Again Brush through and set your brows
Image Credits: Amazon

Once you have filled in your brows with makeup, use the spoolie to brush through your eyebrows to evenly spread the product and blend harsh lines. If you notice any more patches that you might have missed out on, apply the eyebrow makeup again and brush over it to blend your eyebrow. If you have unruly eyebrow hair, use an eyebrow gel to maintain your eyebrows’ shape all day long.

Step 5 –Enhance your eyebrow shape

Enhance your eyebrow shape
Image Credits: Amazon

To give a finishing touch to your eyebrow makeup and make your brows pop, define the outer edges of your eyebrows with a brightening concealer. It is best to use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.

Perfectly defined brows help to frame your entire face and to bring out your eyes, with or without additional makeup. All these steps help you to look your eyebrow thicker cosmetically, but if your eyebrows are looking very light, you can also adopt natural tips to make your brows thicker.