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7 Amazing And Quick Makeup Tips For College Girls

College girls face special challenges when they get ready in every morning. They don’t have hours for college makeup. You need to get ready in a hurry but also want to look natural and pretty. College girls must apply makeup in such a way that it looks gorgeous while it also maintains yours original look. Over makeup in daily routine will slowly destroy your natural baby soft skin. So it is important to use quality makeup products and keep your makeup routine very light.

Now the question is how it is possible? For your problem, we have a solution in simple 7-steps. Take a look on how to do your makeup in a hurry.

Tip 01- Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturize Your Skin
Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturiser is a very essential product in any type of makeup. It hydrates the skin well and keeps it soft. After the application of moisturiser, your skin gets ready for makeup items application. So, invest in a good quality moisturiser with SPF. In first step of makeup moisturiser all over your face and neck, and blend it in using your fingers.

Tip 02- Use Best BB Cream

Use Best BB Cream
Use Best BB Cream

Tanning is the common problem of girls because school or college girls have to stay outdoor for a long time. They get easily exposed to sunlight and dust. So using BB Cream will take you away from tanning. A BB cream covers just about everything, looks completely natural, and also easy to use. So, apply a bit of BB cream to brighten up your face which quickly evens out the skin tone.

Tip 03- Fill In The Eyebrows

Fill In The Eyebrows
Fill In The Eyebrows

This tip is very important for girls with light and thin eyebrows. Filing in your brows can make a good change in the overall facial look. Use an eyebrow pencil to define and fill in your brows. Create thin hair like strokes and make sure to use a pencil that matches the shade of your eyebrows, keep it as natural as possible. Finish by blending it with a spoolie brush.

Tip 04- Line Your Eyes With Kajal And Eye Pencil

Line Your Eyes With Kajal And Eye Pencil
Line Your Eyes With Kajal And Eye Pencil

Kajal is a simple makeup product for every day. It gives attractive look to eyes. To get innocent looks, trace the kajal at the eye’s inner rim, it helps you to provide fuller look to your eyes.

In the same way, use an eye pencil to line your upper eyelid. You can use an eye pencil in your preferred shade. Smudge out the harsh line and blend it with the help of a smudging brush. Smudging the eye pencil will give a natural look to your eyes.

Tip 05- Mascara Make Your Eyes Pop

Mascara Make Your Eyes Pop
Mascara Make Your Eyes Pop

To finish your eye makeup, coat your lashes with loads of mascara ­ both the upper and lower lashes. However, getting lower lashes done is optional because sometimes it looks too heavy for a college face. This will enhance the appearance of your eyes. If you want curled eye lashes, eyelush turner can help you. Mascara on curled lashes will give you a sharp look.

Tip 06- Blusher Gives Cute Look

Blusher Gives Cute Look
Blusher Gives Cute Look

A light tone blusher gives a fresh look to your face. Apply a hint of blush in a lighter shade like pink for glowing makeover. This would add shine to your face, making it look healthier and natural. If your skin is already healthy and glossy, you may skip this step.

Tip 07- Apply Lip Balm Or Light Lipstick

Apply Lip Balm Or Light Lipstick
Apply Lip Balm Or Light Lipstick

This is the last beauty tip for college girls but very important to complete your makeup. A good quality lip balm makes your dry lips cute. You have many choices for lip makeup like- shiny and glittery lip gloss, moisturising lip balm, light shaded or nude lipsticks. Apply a coat of your favourite lip product and keep the same in your college bag.

Some Bonus Tips

  • Invest in good quality products that won’t harm your skin.
  • One of the most essential beauty tips for any college student is to Take Care Of Your Skin.
  • Make sure to wash your face before you go to bed. Never sleep with makeup.
  • Always go for a comfortable hairstyle.
  • Proper hydration is crucial for healthy skin and all-around health.
  • To keep your skin clear, make sure to regularly change out and wash your pillowcases.
  • Always keep a scarf or a hat with you to protect yourself from burning heat.

So these are quick and easy make-up routine for all college going girls. It will take you just 5 minutes to finish college makeup. Let us know if you would like to see more such beauty tips and tricks!

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